Human remains discovered on North Yorkshire moors are ‘decades old’, say police

Human remains have been discovered in a secluded part of the North Yorkshire moors

.Specialist forensic officers believe the bones, found at a cottage near the village of Chop Gate, are decades old.

North Yorkshire Police remain at the scene as forensic investigations continue.

The force has said that the public should not speculate on the remains or link it to historic cases until they are in a position to release more information.

A North Yorkshire Police spokesperson said: ‘Police are working with other agencies, including a forensic archaeologist, following the discovery of suspected human bones at a remote location near Chop Gate.

‘Although it is too early to say precisely how old these bones are, current forensic investigations suggest that they are not recent, and are likely to be several decades old.’

The force spokesperson added: ‘Specialists are being used to recover and examine them.

“We’d ask people not to speculate online about the nature of the bones while this process is underway.”