Day: April 7, 2020

Former Oilers head coach Ed Biles dies at 88

Former Oilers head coach Ed Biles has died at the age of 88. John McClain of the Houston Chronicle reports that Biles had been battling leukemia for some time before his death. Biles was a head coach at the high school level and at Xavier University before moving into the NFL as an assistant with […]

Here Are Key Tips to Keep Your Home Coronavirus Free

As the deadly coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19) spreading rapidly, people are doing everything to keep themselves safe but what about your own abode? To make your home coronavirus free, health experts have shared some tips such as cleaning all kitchen surfaces every time you finish cooking and keeping separate pairs of footwear for outdoors and indoors […]

U.S. SEC official urges delay in public comment on agency rule changes

The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission’s lone Democratic commissioner on Friday called for a delay in pending rule changes due to the coronavirus outbreak, while cautioning against excessive regulatory relief in the rush to assist companies struggling with fallout from the pandemic. Commissioner Allison Lee said the agency ought to allow an additional 60 days […]

Here are a bunch of free music apps and sample packs while we’re all stuck inside

Life looks very different right now as the novel coronavirus has millions around the world stuck indoors. Festivals, clubs, and even house parties are banned in many cities, leaving musicians (and music lovers) housebound and searching for creative outlets. Over the past few weeks, several music companies have responded by offering freebies in order to, […]

Human remains discovered on North Yorkshire moors are ‘decades old’, say police

Human remains have been discovered in a secluded part of the North Yorkshire moors .Specialist forensic officers believe the bones, found at a cottage near the village of Chop Gate, are decades old. North Yorkshire Police remain at the scene as forensic investigations continue. The force has said that the public should not speculate on […]