Gronkowski emerges from WrestleMania with a title belt

Rob Gronkowski’s second career is off to a pretty good start.

Although he was serving only as a host for the event, the former Patriots tight end won the WWE 24/7 championship at WrestleMania. It’s a title that apparently must be defended at any time, as long as a WWE referee is present to determine that a pin has lasted the requisite three counts.

Gronk dove from an elevated platform onto a scrum of non-social-distancing wrestlers who were brawling outside the ring. Gronk then pinned prior champion MoJo Rawley.

Before the weekend, Gronkowski and Rawley were good friends. But the script resulted in a rift that was cemented when Gron swooped in and capturing the belt.

WWE’s signature event happened this weekend in a studio with no fans present, due to the coronavirus pandemic. The wrestlers had no apparent concerns about possibly passing the virus from person to person. After all, getting sick or worse from COVID-19 falls near the bottom of the risks that the wrestlers assume on a regular basis.

Even though the outcomes are determined in advance, the wrestling entails a significant amount of physical risk. And Gronk, who has had more operations than the guy in the Operation game, definitely assumed a physical risk by jumping onto a scrum of wrestlers.